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The Characteristics Of Functional Mesh Fabric
Add time:2021-01-19
The Characteristics Of Functional Mesh Fabric

              Functional mesh fabric in the outdoor sports clothing and home clothing although there is no essential difference, but because of the outdoor and sports of these two characteristics, the functional fabric requirements are relatively strict and demanding.
          Outdoor sports heat, sweat steaming, requiring functional fabric clothing cooling and breathable gas performance is good, the wild inevitably encounter wind, rain and snow fog, clothing to have a certain waterproof performance, clothing to be as light as possible;
          The wild wind is strong, the mountain is cold, the wind protection performance requirements are high; Outdoor washing conditions are limited, clothing anti-bacterial anti-odor and anti-fouling requirements are high; Field operations of rock climbing through the forest, functional fabric clothing requirements have a good anti-stretching and anti-tearing, these performance requirements from the textile technology point of view is very harsh, and even many indicators are mutually offset touch.
    Functional mesh fabrics in any single day or chemical fibers can not meet these requirements, only through the complexity of a variety of fibers and multi-channel chemical finishing to achieve these functions as far as possible
functional mesh fabric

Functional mesh fabrics have five characteristics:
  1, good warmth
  2, waterproof and wet good
  3, antibacterial odor resistance is good
  4, anti-fouling and easy to de-fouling good
  5, anti-static and anti-radiation finishing