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Analysis Warp-knitted fabric technology innovation
Add time:2019-10-30

Analysis Warp-knitted fabric technology innovation


         Our warp knitting industry is at an unprecedented rate in new centry.But when we face today's complicated financial situation as well as the requirements of ecological environment,Our warp knitting industry also has a big challenge.
And innovation is the soul of improving the competitiveness of enterprise warp

 Technological innovation must meet consumer demand 

          Pursuit of personal consumption, improving the quality of life has become an important part of daily life in 21st centry. Because of lifestyle change, people have new demands on clothing. People are more to requirements clothing has easily, and structure simple, and has vertical sense of leisure appearance, can telescopic, and more loose, and fabric light, and feel light of comfortable sense, anti-wrinkle, and comfortable, and durable to suitable out travel, can machine wash, and can drying, and from ironing of convenient sex, across season, and multifunctional of versatility, green raw materials, and dye of environment, and price, and function, and style by reflected of worth.

         Warp knit fabrics and clothing products with its high efficiency and excellent performance gives lots of leisure and sports for the product element and caters to many consumers in advocating a healthy lifestyle. People's awareness and acceptance of warp knitted fabric has been greatly improved. It will bring enormous business opportunities further development of warp-knitted fabrics for the future.

Technological innovation must be derived from a deep understanding

        Warp technology is a new technology of textile weaving, which is characterized by high productivity, environment-friendly.Products of superior performance, performance falls somewhere in between woven and weft knitted fabrics.Warp-knitted fabrics with rich structure can meet the requirements of various clothing styles and a variety of clothing styles.This feature gives long accustomed to wearing a coat woven, weft knitted underwear brings personality to the consumer and wellness opportunity.  

        From a technical point of view, warp knitting technique most appropriate knitting materials are conventional filament, the material strength, extending good cluster of fiber, yarn and even thickness, soft. However, in recent years, with the change in people's spending habits, with a variety of health, functional raw material products are emerging. And human's respect for the natural, Green's desire to promote the products of cotton, wool and other natural fibers and cellulose fibers production continues to grow.These materials have very good properties and fashionable appearance, while generally have some notable structural features, such as: low strength and poor shaped cross-section, convergence, stiffness, is not conducive to knitting-weaving.Therefore, through the innovation of production technology of warp knitted fabrics to meet the requirements for these new yarn processing, produce high quality knitted products.These innovation related to warp the entire process of production, such as warp, warp knitting machine mechanism and process design reform of key institutions, the organizational structure of the WARP-KNITTING design and finishing processes