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The advantage of 3d mesh fabric used in medical area
Add time:2020-05-06
The advantage of 3d mesh fabric used in medical area.

3D Spacer mesh fabric can be used as medical fabric because of its below features.

  • Light, soft, comfortable, breathable and flexible.
  • Can relieve pain,
  • Reduces stress on those areas where the patient's body poses a risk by more than 25%。
  • 3D spacer fabric is suitable for those patients that long-term stay in bed, Can be used to prevent and treat hemorrhoids.
3d spacer mesh fabric meets the people’s demand of environmentally friendly, durable and recyclable requirements for medical products.
When it is used for orthopaedic surgery, hemorrhoids prevention, operating theatres, home care, medical aids and physiotherapy, 3d mesh fabric can meet all the requirements.
In some ways, it is far more applicable than single-layer fabrics, fabrics, foaming materials and composite fabrics

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