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Why 3d spacer fabric for concrete canvas is a modern buildin
Add time:2020-04-07
Why 3d spacer fabric for concrete canvas is a modern building material?

Fabric-enhanced cement-based composite material is an innovative modern building material, reinforced yarn in the composite material has a clear direction .

Ater reasonable design and optimization configuration, It has the fine performance of short fiber-reinforced cement-based composite materials, and also has a higher enhancement effect, and even can replace part of the forced rebar.

It can be made into light-weight, thin-walled, corrosion-resistant, durable and resilient new building materials, and provides endless possibilities for the design and construction of complex structures such as large-span arches and shells.

At present, the fabric siking cement-based main organic fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, knitwear and so on. Among them, by compiling axial fabrics by virtue of its advantages in structure and mechanical properties, It has become a major fabric form to enhance cement

In Europe and the United States on the bridge, housing and other buildings have been experimental applications.