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Knitting fabric basic knowledge(1)
Add time:2020-05-06
Basic concepts of fabrics:

1, Radial, yarn, yarn density - fabric length direction;
2, latitudinal , latitude yarn, wee density - fabric width direction;
3, Density - used to represent the length of the fabric inside the yarn number, generally 1 inch or 10 cm inside the root of the yarn, China's national standard situ to use 10 cm inside the yarn root number to indicate density.
4, Width - the effective width of the fabric, generally used to use inches or centimeters, common 36 inches, 44 inches, 56-60 inches and so on, respectively, called narrow, medium and wide, higher than 60 inches of fabric for the special width, generally called wide fabric
5, Gram weight - fabric weight is generally the gram weight of the square meter fabric weight. The weight of denim is generally expressed in "OZ)," i.e. the number of ounces per square yard of fabric