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About air mesh fabric
Add time:2019-10-01
Air mesh fabric

Organic woven mesh and knitted mesh cloth (there are also non-woven), wherewoven mesh has white or color weaving.

Good breathability, after dyeing and dyeing, the cloth is quite cool, in addition to making summer clothing, especially suitable for doing curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies. Net hole size consistently used for printing, Filtering, etc. . .

There are generally three weaving methods of woven mesh: one is to use two sets of meridian yarn (ground and hanger), twisting each other to form a shuttle, interwoven with the yarn (see sauro-organization).

The stranding is the use of a special twist (also known as semi-total) and twisting in the left side of the meridian, after one (or second, or five) cast latitude, Twisted to the right side of the meridian, because of the interweaving of each other and the mesh mesh hole, structural stability, called sauro; So also known as fake gauthor. There is also a flat tissue, Square Ping organization using the density of the teeth and the formation of mesh (screen screen) knitted mesh cloth is also divided into two kinds, weed knitted mesh cloth and knitted mesh cloth, raw materials are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc.,